Most Alice fans will have heard about the exhibition there. I hope to get up to see it, although the way things are going, it will be finished before I manage to haul myself up there - although I hope that's not really true. (It ends on 29 January).

The exhibition is about art that relates to Alice, of course, and I know there are some very interesting items on display - they've been lent by important collectors, and are unlikely to all be in the same place together again.

I've been exploring the exhibition website, and saw there's a children's activity flagged, so I took a look here. It certainly has a very pretty and magical seeming introduction which you roll a mouse over to animate. Unfortunately, it then switches to a distinctly banal "Hey kids, you can do cool things" pair of presenters and thereafter resembles some not-very-interesting children's TV. But then, it's not aimed at me, so perhaps I'm the wrong person to criticise.

Still, I wish they'd continued with the magical and exciting stuff.

In fact, the most mysterious and magical introduction I have seen to anything Alice-related is the promotional video for the paperback of Karoline Leach's book "In the Shadow of the Dreamchild" I like the music better than Leach's book, and really think it should form the basis of some wonderful animation instead of languishing on the website.