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Tweedledum and Tweededee, above, do remind me of someone. Twin Tory politicians, perhaps? Oh dear, I've never been much good at putting names to faces.

Anyway, the Tweedles adorn an invitation I've received to a private view of John Vernon Lord's "Alice Through the Looking Glass," at the Illustration Cupboard in London. This distinguished illustrator has a love of fantasy and nonsense and his book work includes "Alice in Wonderland" and "Hunting of the Snark" as well as works by Edward Lear and fairy tales from all over the world - I specially like his Icelandic Sagas.

The date and time for the private view is not that convenient for me, but if I do get along, I'll ask him to autograph my invitation, and ask him who the Tweedles are modelled upon.

And, whether I go to the view or not, I will make time to go to the exhibition of his wok. It runs from 18 October - 5 November and the address of the Illustration Cupboard is 22 Bury Street, St. James's, Londno SW1Y lAL. (Follow them on Twitter at @illustrationcup. ) It's a fantastic place and a must-see for anyone interested in contemporary children's book illustration.

Oh, and here's a selection of the works that will be on display - click the link