Sounds like fun. The festival Doune the Rabbit Hole takes place around Doune castle, Stirlingshire, on 30-31st July. It promises "poetry, dancing, philosophy, forests, stories, lights, trees, cows, theatre, comedy, dressing up boxes, whisky, games, face-painting, giant mushrooms, rainbows (but no rain), local ale and cider, and lovely organic food"

The bit about "no rain" shows a cheerful optimism. Hurrah!

If they make any profit it will go to the deaf charity, Dummy Jim, which is named after
profoundly deaf Scotsman James Duthie who cycled from Scotland to the Arctic Circle for just 12.

By the way if anyone's interested in doing the same, to raise funds, go here.. Oh, and look out for the film of Jim's story, which is on its way.

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