I was really, really pleased today to get an email from Guy Saville. I mentioned his book "The Africa Reich" last October (here) I just couldn't believe it hadn't found a publisher despite there being so much in its favour.

Well, Guy has now sold the book to Hodder and Stoughton - it's a two book deal for a five figure sum. And so, re-named as "The Afrika Reich" the book will finally be hitting the bookshelves next year.

Although I don't know Guy very well (we "met" online via the mutual critique group Youwriteon.com ) I had been really impressed by his work from the start. His failure to find a buyer was somehow making me wonder whether there was really any point in getting my own work as good as possible. Moan groan, if Guy Saville can't find a publisher, what's the point, etc.

So I now feel that the world of fiction publishing isn't altogether arbitrary and unfair. Right now, I'm totally embroiled in Lewis, but when this dies down I want to get working again on my YA novel, and I will do so with a more optimistic heart.