Burlesque Bunny

I'm not much of a collector of Alice items or books but I do have a few unusual things. They include the world's most hideous lucifer holder which apparently stood on Lewis Carroll's desk while he wrote "Sylvie and Bruno." (People who see this weird item, which I haven't photographed yet, sometimes say this could explain a lot about "Sylvie and Bruno" ....)

I have also kept Malcolm Ashman's Serpent's Tail illustrated versions of the two "Alice" books because although they are not well known, I like their atmosphere, both cosy and surreal. A bit hard to find links, but there is one here.

And a couple of days ago I bought Tigz Rice's "Wonderland" which uses the imagery in "Alice in Wonderland" and images of burlesque to capture the squalid horror of drug addiction. Her book is very powerful, both hideous and glamorous at the same time, which is what serious drug using can sometimes be about. I think it would be a good book to use in schools with older groups, because it is so sincere and not a bit preachy - but I can't see parents liking it. You can buy it online on her website. Sorry, it's not a very good photo.

I've put another image from Tigz's book on the Mystery of Lewis Carroll Facebook page, under Images of Carrollian scenes. (I think the FB page is open to public viewing.)