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18 November 2011

Viewing someone's collage site, I was inspired to pull this image out - I have sometimes wondered what LC might have looked like today.

The original photo (of his face) was taken in the 1860s. Although Alice in Wonderland was published then, it wasn't a very happy time of his life.

Still, perhaps the slightly troubled and thoughtful expression in this photos, is just a result of the long exposure!

11 November 2011


My friend Yoshi, from Japan, has sent me some beautiful Japanese chocolates with pictures of Alice.

Here are close ups of some of the pictures on the chocolates:


The lobster


A rather sinister Cheshire cat, and....


My favourite, the Pig-Baby!

10 November 2011


This is a genuine Victorian poison bottle, owned, of course, by an Alice fan. It always surprises me how many people are inspired by Alice to create art and craft works. Just heard about Alex Pribnow's work - Alex is the owner of the bottle.

He tends towards the darker and more gothic side of Alice, in fact his site is called "Malice in Underland" Personally, I don't care for the darker interpretations of Alice but there are other styles and it's worth taking a browse through the site here.

08 November 2011
Most Alice fans will have heard about the exhibition there. I hope to get up to see it, although the way things are going, it will be finished before I manage to haul myself up there - although I hope that's not really true. (It ends on 29 January).

The exhibition is about art that relates to Alice, of course, and I know there are some very interesting items on display - they've been lent by important collectors, and are unlikely to all be in the same place together again.

I've been exploring the exhibition website, and saw there's a children's activity flagged, so I took a look here. It certainly has a very pretty and magical seeming introduction which you roll a mouse over to animate. Unfortunately, it then switches to a distinctly banal "Hey kids, you can do cool things" pair of presenters and thereafter resembles some not-very-interesting children's TV. But then, it's not aimed at me, so perhaps I'm the wrong person to criticise.

Still, I wish they'd continued with the magical and exciting stuff.

In fact, the most mysterious and magical introduction I have seen to anything Alice-related is the promotional video for the paperback of Karoline Leach's book "In the Shadow of the Dreamchild" I like the music better than Leach's book, and really think it should form the basis of some wonderful animation instead of languishing on the website.