Alice and the pig

There's been a review from Lenny de Rooy of the celebrated "Lenny's Alice in Wonderland" internet site. Probably the most influential and surely the largest on the net. I'm honoured.

More and more radio ... a couple more interviews imminent, and some that I've already done have come out. Here's a nice link to RTE's Arena interview - (I think that'll only work today so will try to find a permanent home for the recording).

I should add that I'm being a bit of a luvvie here, and only linking to things that I like, so if you find any others that I haven't mentioned, you can assume I don't like 'em!

As for the pig, it's from a book which one of my daughters gave me for Mother's Day - Emma Chichester Clark's "Alice in Wonderland" I've always liked Emma's work and like the way the pig is indignantly struggling here. I've put an image of Emma's exceptionally creepy Cheshire Cat on Facebook - here I don't usually find the Cheshire Cat creepy, but Emma's one spooks me out. Here he is peering down from the tree at Alice and the pig I do NOT like those claws!

looking down from the tree