There isn't half a lot of work writing a book proposal. I didn't realise it has to be so precisely targeted and so exactly right. I had always assumed that publishers would spot an idea they liked the look of and then be prepared to work with the author to get it right. I suppose this must mean that I had some idea of publishers as middleaged men and women in tweedy suits sitting in panelled offices, hoping for talented authors to turn up. Goodness knows why I thought this: I must have been mad. Anyway it is of course very big business with a lot of money at stake, and there are so many people desperate to get into print.

Even publishing our own short run small edition book was surprisingly expensive, and we did all the work ourselves: to be honest, I am not sure how anyone makes money out of this business but luckily I don't have to carry that responsibility - I only have to write the stuff.

I have been offered a couple of engagements on the strength of the radio programme - it's nice to know that people are interested.