Not sure how a Lewis Carroll related blog will work, but here goes. We just did a Radio 4 programme about him, which went out and seems to have been well received - it got onto Pick of the Week and the BBC website wanted an article too. I'm pleased because it's obviously offered an antidote to the creepy image that Carroll is so often saddled with.

Actually it's interesting how so many creative people project their own obsessions onto Carroll. Some of the results are great - I love Polixeni Papapetrou's photos ( Others, though - hm. You sort of feel that just because he's famous, they're clinging on catching whatever fame is to be had ..the names Katie Roiphe and Frank Beddor spring to mind.

There again, being dead I suppose Carroll has to be fair game. Anyway there's a streak of strangeness and mystery running through him which makes him constantly interesting

I was passing Fortnum and Masons when I spotted their wonderful Christmas windows which are themed on Alice in Wonderland. I wondered who did them, but couldn't see a signature.