I was interviewed yesterday for the BBC documentary on Alice in Wonderland, which will be presented next year by Martha Kearney. It was an interesting experience having my office taken over by 5 people with two car loads of equipment. I sat in the sofa in the foreground, with the large diffuser to the left. On the right of me, almost touching, was a large white reflector (not shown) which made me feel a bit as if I was in a box. The camera was straight ahead and there was a monitor to the left I was wired for sound and a recordist was waving a boom above my head.

They were all very nice and I was impressed by their immense professionalism. Of course they SHOULD be professional, but I always enjoy working with people who really know what they are doing. I'll look forward to seeing the documentary. And if that diffuser wasn't so big, I'd love one. It was a most ingenious thing and gave the kind of soft white light that would be ideal to light the place up during winter's dark days.