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23 March 2017
When I went to Japan last time, I gave a talk at a university there about Creative Responses to Alice. I intended to begin my talk with the following image

tattoo leg

It was literally hours before my talk when I realised that in Japan, there is a strong link between tattoos and crime. I am sure that many Japanese people are aware that in the west tattoos are now a fashion accessory, but still, I thought the image might give the wrong message, so I pulled it and replaced it with a more innocuous one.

And how I regretted not thinking of this before, as I struggled, in a hurry, to change my PowerPoint using a Japanese computer keyboard..... something I had never used before, and hope never to have to use again!

I thought of this when walking through Spitalfields market recently, and I spotted this (below) hanging on one of the stalls, and smiled at the memory.

10 March 2017

I was in the graphic novel/comic bookstore "GOSH" and saw "Alice in Comicland" - but for some reason I hadn't seen it before. It was published in 2014, in the USA, and I can hardly think it's taken that long to get over here... so either I'm just unobservant or else I've been looking in the wrong places.

Actually, I'd have thought it would have been in the bookstore of the Comic Museum when they did their fantastic "Alice in Cartoonland" show. If you want to read more about the background, this interview with compiler and comic historian Craig Yoe will fill you in on more of the details.