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31 May 2016

Here's an interesting article by Fran Kohlt on Lewis Carroll and madness. I went to a much longer talk she gave to the Lewis Carroll Society on this same subject. Madness is famously a theme which threads through Carroll's work, and he was interested in psychology, which was, however, in its very early stages during his lifetime. He wasn't, sadly, in time to read the first English translations of Freud's works!
22 May 2016

When I think of Lego I think of constructing Lego Star Wars Death Stars or Lego Mobile Police Units, but the company has now branched out into producing "girl" toys I'm not very keen on such sexist ideas but I suppose they know what suits their business.

One of their latest productions is Alice in Wonderland. So go here to see how to start constructing Alice's story out of Lego!