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23 March 2014

I passed this place in Great Newport Street, near Leicester Square. Must go in next time I am passing (I was in a hurry) but if you have been there, let me know. Their website is Carrollian themed.

And on 8 APril onwards the British Library has an All About Alice event - click here for details.
04 March 2014
The Nyctograph Edition

Do you recognise the odd looking square lettering shown in the book cover above? I'd... hm... guess not. It's on the cover of an edition of "Alice" written in the night time language Lewis Carroll devised, so he could jot down notes at night without having to get out of bed and light a candle. Carroll used his alphabet with a special device which he called a nyctograph. You could take it into bed with you and write under your warm bedclothes!

Alan Tannenbaum has written a foreword to this edition, and the book is available on Amazon. If you want to click here you can find some more information. It all sounds very logical!