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28 November 2013
I'm so grateful to Yoshi in Japan for sending this lovely Hirai Takako calendar which I will be using throughout 2014!


He also sent some more Alice postcards - I particularly like the one of Lewis Carroll sheltering the three little girls under his coat.

20 November 2013
Ray Bradbury

Lewis Carroll is one of my favourite writers, Ray Bradbury is another. Thought you'd like to see this clip of him from around 1978, talking of his admiration for "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and about working with Walt Disney on EPCOT, which at that time Disney hoped to be a community of the future. Bradbury always seems to be having a good time. I'm sure he lived in a little world of his own, which is partly why I love his work.

The image is from "Here and Now" - read their piece on Ray here. Ray died in June 2012. I wonder what he thought of how the world had panned out. Maybe there are some interviews with him in his old age. I'll look around and find out.
17 November 2013
I was pleased when someone shared this item about Vanessa's storytelling in London here. No, I'm not biased, hemhem... well not much!

I'm proud of Vanessa but a book I saw recently is the way NOT to do a story. Foyles was displaying this copy of Jabberwocky You'll see that someone called Jennifer Adams is credited as the author and Lewis Carroll or C.L. Dodgson is not credited anywhere (unless you count the header "Little Master Carroll") .Maybe this will catch on? If you can't write your own stuff, just find something well known by someone who is dead, copy out bits of it and pretend you are really the author. You can then get your book into major bookstores with minimum talent and work.

There are some fun illustrations though. And some Carroll collectors might want this for its curiosity value, though I doubt it. I wonder how many people do this kind of thing?


14 November 2013

Do take a look at Lydia Kang's blog! Lydia's a doctor and novelist, and she kindly offers free advice to writers who need to weave medical topics into their fiction. She covers all kinds of intriguing ailments in her weekly "Medical Monday" posts, and If you look here, and click "Medical Mondays," then you'll also see she's covered "Alice in Wonderland" syndrome!

What an unusual idea- she must be running the only literary medical consultancy around.