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08 March 2013
violet teacup

If you're going to be in Stamford, Lincs, on 1st June, you'll surely need to attend the Mad Hatters Vintage Tea Party It's run by the Stamford Vintage Tea Party Society, no less.

And the beautiful violet teacup is from "Heather's Blog-o-Rama> - a blog with so much good stuff on it.
01 March 2013
Here's something CURIOUS . A "Lewis Carroll style" treatment from Lush Spas.

It's called the Sound Bath. You eat some magic mushroom, drink some magic liquid....and relax to the sound of tuning forks, among other things. And I dare say there is some soap around too.

On the topic of tuning forks, here's tuning fork magic maestro David Roth to entertain you for a few minutes

I'm always surprised Lewis Carroll didn't practice magic. I would have thought it was right up his street.