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31 July 2012
I often think that music can give us an insight into the way life was in the past. Here is a song which was popular when Lewis Carroll was a young man. The lyrics were by his poetical hero, Alfred Lord Tennyson so he is almost certain to have known it quite well, and he probably sang it too, if anyone in his family was good enough to play the piano accompaniment.

Carroll and some of his sisters admired Tennyson so much that they created and published a concordance to Tennyson's long poem "In Memoriam" It is one of the rarer items sought after by Lewis Carroll collectors.
23 July 2012

The Story Museum in Oxford is certainly a must-see for Alice fans. At present it has an exhibition of Alice illustrations,and on 25 July,(next Wednesday), Mark Richards, Chairman of the Lewis Carrolll Society. will be giving a talk on Alice illustrations. Mark is a major collector of Carrollania and has an extensive collection of different illustrated versions of Alice. He is also extremely knowledgable about illustration in general -and he speaks in an approachable and amusing style.

Click here for information about the exhibition, and about Mark's talk

The image above is by Lisbeth Zwerger - although my favourite illustrations include those of Margaret Tarrant, who was a very famous illustrator in the early 20th century. Here's her White Rabbit (below). I hope Mark will discuss her!

Margaret Tarrant's White Rabbit
01 July 2012
Drink me

My book has been out quite a long time now, so I'm not getting the stream of reviews and mentions and roundups that were such fun to read. So I was pleased to see that the History Chicks liked the book.

Take a look at their interesting blog. And don't you like the Alice hip flask above - one of the illustrations they use. I think Lewis Carroll might have liked it too. He wasn't averse to a drink or two!