I hope everyone had a great Christmas - and I wonder if anyone got such a splendid Alice present as I did! My friend Marjorie is a wonderful stitcher (here is a link to her blog) and she made our whole family a set of beautiful stitched Alice characters, which will certainly be decorating the tree next year. We had one character each - I had the caterpillar


and T. had Tweedledum and Tweedledee (which you can see above).

Here is the Herald -

One of my favorite characters - The Mad Hatter in all his lovely detail...


And no prizes for guessing this one - she has something of the look of the Tim Burton character about her.

Queen of Hearts

I thought at first this central character was the White Rabbit, but then I realised he wasn't white (duh)

Dormouse, March Hare, Queen

In fact, I don't believe there was a White Rabbit. (Oh - my friend Andrew Sellon just pointed out that he was the Herald)

The Cheshire Cat was a little thinner than I always imagine him, but I love his ruff....


My mother had Alice herself - I'll photograph her next time I visit!

We were all thrilled by our characters, and they created a real sensation during our Christmas celebrations.