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08 February 2011

In 2015 it will be the 150th anniversary of the publication of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderand" and to commeorate this, a major project is being undertaken. Jon Lindseth, one of the world's major collectors of "Alice" and Lewis Carroll material, is working on a book of the translations of Alice. He says "We now know of the book in 97 languages, and Disney alone has published their version of "Alice" in 85 languages."

Mr. Lindseth is looking for volunteers to help with the project. At present he urgently needs a UK based Lewis Carroll Society enthusiast to search for foreign langauge editions of the book published in the UK and Ireland


Another person to search for French language editions published outside of France and Canada.

It is likely that these people would be members of one of the Carroll Societies, of course. The deadline is April 11. Please contact the Lewis Carroll Society of North America or the Lewis Carroll Society of the UK if you have both the expertise and enthusiasm.

03 February 2011
I've written before about Guy Saville and his book "The Afrika Reich" which I've seen over the years change from a extract that for some mysterious reason couldn't find a publisher, to a prestigious work with a major house. It's had great reviews and been chosen as one of the Debuts of the Month from Lovereading It has a very interesting Facebook page- check it out!