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27 November 2009
I'm a big admirer of Susan Sanford's refreshingly original take on life. Here's her 2010 Alice calendar. Enjoy!
23 November 2009
This gingerbread man looks how I feel. Bemused, exasperated, puzzled, and maybe a bit sugary. I've chosen this image as the one which best represents my state of mind when I think about Guy Saville's book, "The Africa Reich." I first spotted it when I was contributing to the mutual critique site The Africa Reich by Guy Saville won readers' accolades as one of the most popular books on the site, and then Guy got awarded an Arts Council grant to finish the book. It is not even my kind of book, but I thought it was great, not just a dramatic story but well written too. Here's some of the blurb:

"The swastika flies from the Sahara to the Indian Ocean. Britain and a victorious Nazi Germany have divided the continent. The SS has crushed the native populations and forced them into labour. Gleaming autobahns bisect the jungle. For almost a decade an uneasy peace has ensued. Now, however, the plans of Walter Hochburg, messianic racist and architect of Nazi Africa, threaten Britain’s ailing colonies..."

Anyway, I suddenly thought of the book for no particular reason - as one does - so I googled it. I discovered that Guy has representation from Curtis Brown, one of the top literary agents.


What does anyone have to do to get fiction published these days? A great plot, a great story, brilliant writing, top representation, readers' accolades, and the Arts Council giving you a grant.... yeah, yeah, yeah. But what he REALLY needs to do (I can hear them all saying) is....


15 November 2009