I've been wondering to myself how the Blue-Ginger Gallery in Malvern got its name. I'd never heard of it until I heard about their Alice exhibition (which began on 21 October and runs till 27 November).

On checking it out, I found that some fun events are coming up in November. On 6 November there's a talk by illustrator John Vernon Lord with an introduction from Mark Richards, ex Chairman of the LCS. (Unfortunately I was unable to publicise a whole talk by Mark on the 21st October, but it's taken me this long to fix technical problems with the website)! JOhn Vernon Lord's talk will include a drink and tea with the Mad Hatter - I'm not sure if that means a drink of tea but I suspect the tea is "extra."

You can needlefelt a Dormouse in a teacup, and make Alice themed silver jewellery in two further workshops, on 11 and 19 September respectively. Full details of how to book are here.

Some interesting artists represented at the exhibition include Tamsin Abbott, Mike Abbott, Graham Arnold, Eleanor Bartleman, Sue Carr, Annie Ovenden, Hannah Willow, Jo Verity, Carol James, Mollie Meager, Jo Dewar, Mariette Voke, Janis Waldron, Gen Belgard, Sue Brown, Karin Celestine, Jemima Jameson, Sue Williams, Sasha Rae, Maggie Hobbs, Gwen Vaughan, Rachel Padley, Heather Sweet-Moon, Ben Willis, Dave Cockroft and John Coombe

I particularly like Tamsin Abbott's work. She's very busy and isn't taking commissions at present, but has done some wonderful stained glass work which can be seen on her website here.

And that's one of her images at the top of this post.